Types of mattresses according to their function and special features

If we attend a little around us, we can realize that the world is changing very fast.

Tomorrow is coming with a technological level that is difficult to imagine, constantly changing. And the mattress world too.

Without a doubt, the smart mattress is the mattress of the future … or, well, rather of the present, because it is already here. It is an intelligent high-end mattress that incorporates the latest technology related to smart phones.

This type of mattress allows us to measure our sleep and know ourselves even more.

Through an application on our mobile phone connected by Bluetooth to the device that has its own mattress and a bracelet with which we will have to sleep, it is possible to create a connection and a continuous transmission of data about our rest.

The mobile application analyzes this data and gives us a multitude of information and tips so that sleep becomes a renewed experience.

Futon mattress (roll-up or folding)

The futon is what has been used in Japan for centuries to sleep. This type of mattress is very low and is usually made of cotton.

Their main characteristic is that they are light and portable, so they can be stored comfortably during the day.

Inflatable or inflatable mattress

The inflatable mattress is very demanded at present. This is due to the new modern lifestyle in which we do not stop for a second.

In addition, it is very common to receive visitors at home, so it is ideal to have a good inflatable mattress on hand, as it can get us out of trouble. One of its best features is that they can be stored anywhere once we deflate them. This is a great soft mattress. And you should buy the best soft mattress only.

Orthopedic mattress and antisky mattress

Orthopedic mattresses have the particularity of being rolled and vacuum packed, so they are anti-allergenic, although we must say that they are not the only ones.

This type of mattresses is made with two different faces. One is made of cotton and is used in summer, and the other is wool and is used in winter, thus improving the temperature when sleeping. They are easy to transport because they are roll-up.